Milesight MODBUS

  • LoRaWAN IoT Controller
  • Connects up to 16 Modbus devices
  • Ultra-wide-distance transmission up to 15 km line of sight
  • Multiple triggering conditions and actions
  • Embedded watchdog for device working stability

The Milesight UC100 is an IoT controller used for remote control and data acquisition from Modbus RS485 devices via LoRaWAN networks. It can read up to 16 Modbus RTU devices and support Modbus transparent transmission between server and RS485 devices as a Modbus to LoRaWAN converter.
The Milesight UC100 IoT Controller supports multiple trigger conditions and actions and is a commercial-grade, innovative device designed to streamline your business’s operations. With its compact design and robust features, the UC100 acts as a centralized hub to effortlessly manage, monitor, and control numerous Modbus devices, providing seamless connectivity and real-time data communication.

Use Case Applications:

  • Energy Management: UC100 monitors and controls Modbus-enabled energy devices for efficient power use and cost savings.
  • Industrial Automation: With UC100, centralize control of Modbus industrial devices like PLCs, sensors, and actuators for improved efficiency and safety.
  • Building Automation: Manage smart building devices like HVAC systems, lighting, and security via UC100 for enhanced comfort, safety, and energy efficiency.