Mechanical Vibration Monitoring

  • Mechanical Vibration Monitoring Solution – ISO-10816 Predictive Maintenance for Water Pumps, Motors, and Compressors
    • Remote condition monitoring for industrial machine health 
    • Built-In 3-axis accelerometer | IP66 for harsh environments
    • Easy wire-free installation | adhesive, stud, or magnet mount
    • Get timely alerts to machine issues to avoid unnecessary machine downtime
    • Detects machine surface temperature | -20 ~ 85°C
    • Low power mode providing 2-year battery life | Micro USB option
    • 2-year warranty on device and parts | FCC & CE Certified

24/7 Machine Monitoring

Prevent failures, reduce downtime, and save money with powerful wireless sensors that monitor motors, compressors, pumps, and more!

Built-In ISO 10816 Charts

Select your machine class and instantly visualize ISO 10816 compliant data on a pre-built chart with predefined ranges from “Good” to “Unacceptable” for an immediate diagnosis to plan preventive maintenance for unwanted downtimes.

IP-66 Protection Withstands Harsh Environment

The sensor can withstand wide-temperature ranges from -20 °C to 85 °C and has an IP-66 rating protection design for use in harsh industrial environments.

Timely Alerts

Receive SMS and email alerts when machine status levels fall under an unacceptable range or if machines overheat. Timely notifications can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and downtime.


Monitoring vibration and implementing preventive maintenance is crucial for equipment operation and maintenance.

Replaces traditional manpower inspections enabling manufacturers to achieve remote detection and 24-hour monitoring for different machine types:

Water Pumps

Blower Ventilation Motor

Industrial Compressor

Conveyor Motor


Power Input3.6V AA Battery *2pcs (Not included)
Battery Life2 years (once per hour data update interval time)
LED IndicatorPower, Tx
ConfigurationInterface Micro-B USB
IP ClassIP66
MountingStud mount, Mounting pad and Adhesives
Dimension(H x D) 84.7 x 48.3 mm
Operating Temperature-20°C ~ 80°C (Battery powered)
Operating Humidity10% ~ 95% RH
Storage Temperature-25°C ~ 90°C
Storage Humidity5% ~ 95% RH
3-Axis Accelerometer Sensor
Frequency Range10~1000Hz
Amplitude Range±16g
Statistical Time-DomainVelocity RMS, Acceleration (RMS & peak), Displacement, Kurtosis, Crest factor, Skewness, Standard deviation
Output Data Rate6600Hz
Resolution10 bit (all g range)
Accuracy (FC =100Hz)Under 5%
Noise (MAX. TA = 25°C. 0g)±40mg
Nonlinearity±0.5 %
Cross-Axis Sensitivity±1 %
Sensitivity Change Due to Temperature±0.02 %/°C
Temperature Sensor
Measurement Range-20°C ~ 120°C
Accuracy (TA = 27°C, Directly contact with heat source (Metal Base of WISE-2410)-2°C with 85°C