Food Services

Elevate food safety and quality with CONTROMOTE, the cutting-edge IoT solution. Revolutionize temperature monitoring through smart sensors, ensuring precise control and compliance for optimal freshness and hygiene.

Welcome to a new era of efficiency and control in the food services industry, powered by CONTROMOTE’s advanced IoT solution. Embrace the benefits of seamless connectivity and intelligent monitoring to optimize your operations, ensuring quality, compliance, and cost-effectiveness across restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, cold chain logistics, and food production facilities.

With CONTROMOTE, you can maintain optimal temperature conditions throughout your facility, ensuring the safety and quality of perishable goods. Real-time temperature monitoring and alerts enable immediate action in case of deviations, minimizing the risk of spoilage and ensuring compliance with food safety regulations.

Provide your customers with exceptional experiences by leveraging CONTROMOTE’s people count feature. Gain insights into foot traffic, optimize staff allocation, and improve service efficiency to ensure a seamless and personalized experience for your patrons.

In a dynamic and competitive food services landscape, CONTROMOTE’s IoT solution is your key to unlocking a range of advantages:

Ensure the integrity of your perishables with real-time temperature monitoring, guaranteeing optimal storage conditions for food safety and quality. Set predetermined temperature thresholds, receive alerts in case of deviations, and take immediate corrective actions to maintain food safety standards.

Optimize energy consumption in refrigeration units, kitchens, and facilities, minimizing costs and environmental impact while maintaining operational excellence. Track energy consumption in real-time, analyze usage patterns, and identify energy-saving opportunities. Optimize the operation of refrigerators, freezers, and other equipment to reduce energy costs and increase sustainability.

Utilize people counting features to gain insights into customer traffic, enabling better staffing decisions, layout optimizations, and enhanced customer experiences. Monitor occupancy levels, identify peak hours, and optimize staffing levels to provide exceptional customer service while maximizing operational efficiency.

Safeguard the well-being of your patrons and staff by monitoring air quality parameters such as humidity, CO2 levels, and air circulation. Receive alerts when air quality deviates from acceptable levels, ensuring a comfortable and healthy environment in your food service establishments.

Extend your reach with comprehensive cold chain monitoring, ensuring the integrity of your products during transportation, storage, and distribution. Monitor the entire cold chain, from storage to delivery, ensuring compliance with food safety regulations and maintaining product quality.