Energy and Runtime Monitoring

  • Energy and Runtime Monitoring
    • Track Energy Usage of Industrial and Commercial Assets, Monitor Machine Runtime, and Track HVAC Efficiency
    • Industrial solution for monitoring energy and runtime of powered assets
    • Simple clip-on installation for instant monitoring | No electrician needed
    • Multiple options to monitor anything from small appliances to large buildings | CTs available up to 5000A
    • Get instant mobile and email alerts based on run time , energy consumption, or machine maintenance
    • Self-contained power | No battery required
    • 1 year warranty on device and parts | FCC Certified

Track Machine Runtime

Get a view into your business and track runtimes to ensure proper operation and efficiency. Reduces downtime and improves product quality resulting in better ROI.

Custom Device Settings

Remotely manage device configurations from your web or mobile app. You can edit settings such as device use, reading intervals, and unit type.

Instant Wireless Sub-Metering

The HotDrop embeds several patented and proprietary technologies that enable it to inductively charge itself on the wire it measures, with no external batteries or wires.

Save Energy and Money

Understanding how much energy your business is using, when and where, empowers you to find savings.  


SecurityDual-cipher rotating 128-bit AES encryption + 128-bit AES transport encryption (3 total)
Configurable Data Intervals1 TX/min (standard); other intervals available
WirelessBluetooth BLE 5.1, LoRaWAN 1.0.3
Operating Temperature-40 to 85 degrees Celcius
Sampling rateup to 6,000 per second
PowerIntegrated power
Transmission868MHz SRD, 915MHz/2.4GHz ISM, AS923
Accuracy0.017% MoE, True-RMS