Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

  • Temperature and Humidity Monitoring for Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers – NIST Certifiable with 0.1C Accuracy – Automate Compliance Logs and Protect Inventory
    • Remote monitoring of commercial and industrial refrigeration with 0.1C of accuracy
    • Quick and easy installation | Long-Range Wireless Technology
    • SMS and Email alerts to protect and prevent product loss/spoilage
    • Automated compliance reports that meet all inspection requirements
    • Corrective action inputs allow you to enforce and track responses to out of range temperatures. Built-in data logging capability | Continues to log temps for up to 7 days during outages
    • 10+ years of battery life
    • 1-year warranty on device and parts | FCC & IC Certified

Ensure Compliance

Ensure federal, state, and local regulatory compliance with accurate temperature and humidity data recordings. Simplify compliance with automated reports for all monitored areas. Schedule delivery daily, weekly, or monthly.

Throw away paper logs!

Eliminate missed and error-prone manual readings with 24/7 automated monitoring. Get up to 72 automatic daily readings.

Save Time and Money

Reduce labor costs associated with manual monitoring and avoid costly downtime by predicting equipment issues and addressing them in a timely manner.

Protect Inventory

Avoid costly product spoilage and unexpected inventory loss with real-time, actionable alerts. If a temperature is out of range, you’ll know right away.

Meets Compliance Standards


Remotely monitor commercial refrigeration temperatures to automate temperature logs, ensure compliance, and avoid costly product loss.

Remote Temperature Monitoring For: Hospitals, Pharmacies, Labs, Medical Transport
Restaurants, hotels, Food Production, Cold Chain, Grocery


Built-in Temperature Sensor
Accuracy ToleranceTyp ±0.3 °C
Long Term Drift< 0.02 °C/yr
Operating Range-40 ~ 80 °C
Built-in Humidity Sensor
Resolution0.04 %RH
Accuracy ToleranceTyp ±3 %RHion (or on request)
Long Term Drift< 0.02 °C/yr
Operating Range0 ~ 96 %RH
External Temperature Sensor
silica gel cable
±0.1 °C (maximum) from –20 °C to 50 °C
±0.2 °C (maximum) from –40 °C to 100 °C
±0.3 °C (maximum) from –55 °C to 150 °C