IOT sensors

CONTROMOTE , the innovative IoT solution that is set to transform the way we interact with technology. Our cutting-edge platform brings together the power of connectivity, automation, and control.

LoRa Technology has been named the de facto choice for LPWAN connectivity for long range, low power IoT solutions.

Platform Capabilities

we deploy IOT sensor Solutions Securely and Quickly

Device Connectivity Gateway

Maintains encrypted connections with devices supporting HTTP and MQTT protocols. Receives traffic from LoRa Network Servers and data stream from other IoT Clouds.

Serverless Engine

All-purpose serverless computing or function as a service (FaaS) provides codecs and integrations online editing. Decodes and normalizes uplink device data and encodes downlink commands simplifying the deployment of integration functions.

Device Management

Manage device registry, configuration, provisioning, and FOTA scheduling and batching. Easily de-register and re-register devices via LNS Switch. Stores LoRaWAN keys and SSL/TLS certificates with access to real-time data insights.


Industry-leading performance with large data volume storage to easily query billions of rows of telemetric and historic data. Fast ingest of millions of data points per second, plus vertical and horizontal scalability powered by data streaming processing engine.

Rules Engine

Scalable and advanced rules engine with advanced setup and configuration with different conditions and actions that are also leveraged with our integrations.

Identity Provider

Authentication & authorization system that supports OAuth 2.0 & OpenID Connect protocols, external User Federation (LDAP & Active Directory), external identity providers (Idp) for Google and Microsoft, and SSO SAML. Enterprise-grade user management.


Supports web and native iOS and Android applications with multi-tenant capabilities. REST API can be used to extend application features.


Low effort integration setup and configuration. Connectors send data to 3rd party integrated applications such as Arm, Azure, Salesforce, Tableau and more for visualization, reporting analytics, BI, machine learning, and business workflows. Build your own data connector and integration with our REST API.

End-to-end, scalable, and secure

Custom Reporting



Enhance building automation with wireless sensors


Use sensor data to automate maintenance requests


Sensor automation to access real-time energy consumption

Microservices Architecture