Empowering Telecom Infrastructure Management with IOT
Telecom Cell Sites RMS, Remote Monitoring, Alarm System

CONTROMOTE, a revolutionary remote management, monitoring, and control solution for Telecom Passive Infrastructure. It addresses the challenge of providing 99.99% uptime for Telecom Cell Sites while reducing capital and operating costs.

CONTROMOTE is designed to enhance the efficiency of remote telecom tower sites. It enables real-time monitoring of on-site technical equipment, energy consumption, and environmental parameters. The system also detects theft, damage, or unauthorized access, providing instant notifications to maintenance personnel for proactive actions.

CONCIEL brings together all elements of the CONTROMOTE solution via central administration of access control, sensor monitoring, recording and playback of video surveillance.

Achieve higher tower up-time by responding in real-time to critical alarms and implementing preventive maintenance, reducing penalties from telecommunication operators. 

Cut operational expenditure with advanced algorithms that optimize power source usage and control passive assets. This includes air conditioners, diesel generators, and security measures, resulting in substantial cost savings.

The CONTROMOTE modular system offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing customization to meet specific site requirements. With a blend of sensors and base units, the system is adaptable and scalable. Integration with third-party equipment is seamless, making the CONTROMOTE base unit the central gateway device for monitoring all aspects of the telecom tower site. This modular hardware approach ensures effortless additions and modifications to the site monitoring solution, providing a tailored and future-proofed solution.

CONTROMOTE takes a holistic approach to remote site and wireless communications infrastructure management. The solution seamlessly integrates environmental monitoring (EMS) with access control, video security, power monitoring and fuel monitoring. By combining these elements into a single, integrated, and modular system, CONTROMOTE optimizes efficiency, streamlining operations and enhancing overall performance. This integrated approach ensures that every aspect of the telecom tower site is harmoniously monitored and managed.

Experience unprecedented control with CONCIEL Solution’s centralized management dashboard. Providing a bird’s eye view, the dashboard offers real-time insights with triggers and alarms for quick decision-making. All data collected from each tower site is centralized, facilitating efficient management. The Solution allows you to manage all devices in the system, administer access control rights and schedules, and even record and replay video seamlessly.

  • Temperature and humidity sensors as well as water intrusion detectors, smoke detectors and hazardous gas sensors.
  • are connected with CONTROMOTE on the site and send near real-time alarms to the NOC.
  • Remote monitoring helps to gather fine-grained data on environmental parameters for further analysis.
  • Determination of optimal environmental settings.

CONTROMOTE employs advanced technology for accurate fuel level management utilizing ultrasonic fuel level sensors and flowmeters, the system ensures a real-time and precise determination of the current fuel level. The continuous graphing of fuel usage over time provides valuable insights for operational optimization.

Monitoring fuel levels in storage tanks is not only vital for ensuring uninterrupted power to the site but is increasingly essential for safeguarding the fuel asset. Fuel level sensors play a crucial role in scheduling timely refills and detecting potential issues such as theft or tampering, preventing generator damage and ensuring reliable power supply.

CONTROMOTE goes beyond standard fuel monitoring with the integration of viscosity sensors. These sensors assess the composition of the tank capacity, identifying if the fuel has been replaced by another liquid, such as water. The system detects constant tapping of minor amounts of fuel using flowmeters in the fuel pipe and door contacts on the fuel cap, providing comprehensive security against unauthorized access.

In the event of unusual fuel usage, CONTROMOTE is equipped to generate immediate alerts, especially in cases of a sudden drop in fuel levels. This proactive approach allows for quick response and preventive measures, maintaining the integrity of the generator and ensuring uninterrupted power supply.

The system offers an effective solution for fuel leakage detection. Using a combination of CONTROMOTE equipment, accurate identification of fuel leakage is achieved. Automated notifications are sent to maintenance staff and the main control center, enabling swift evaluation and timely resolution of potential issues.

CONTROMOTE acts as a vigilant guardian against fuel theft. Unusual fuel usage, such as a rapid drop in fuel levels, triggers alerts. This data can be cross-checked with access control data and surveillance video, providing a clear recap of the event and valuable evidence for prosecution, enhancing security measures.

By leveraging ultrasonic fuel level sensors and flowmeters, CONTROMOTE allows for in-depth analysis of fuel consumption. This data can be compared to generator power-on times from power monitoring sensors, enabling a comprehensive assessment of fuel usage against generator operation time for informed decision-making and optimization.

CONTROMOTE provides a range of power monitoring devices, AC and DC voltage sensors and power relays. Wireless communications tower sites contain multiple power systems, from grid power and battery banks to diesel generators. It is crucial for the tower site to maintain a reliable power source for maximum tower up-time. Often towers that are provided to third party networks by way of service level agreements contain clauses for a certain percentage of tower up-time. It can be very costly for a tower to go down, therefore monitoring of the power and ensuring it is stable is vital. CONTROMOTE connects directly to the battery, the generator and the rectifier and provides detailed information on all of their parameters as well as real-time clock, battery set-up and voltage set-up . In case of trespassing predefined thresholds, alarms are triggered to the NOC and staff in charge. Data and energy logging allows for detailed breakdown of energy consumption for comprehensive business analytics.

Power meters can be used to monitor the total power consumed by the site or equipment. Ideal for monitoring line voltage coming from the power grid to ensure it is sufficient. Alerts can be generated if power drops below predetermined thresholds. In multi-tenant site operations, meaning that different Telco operators using one tower site and are paying only the energy they have consumed, the power meter connected to CONTROMOTE results in detailed invoicing per tower site tenant including energy consumption logging for performance analysis.

Battery banks or solar panels can be monitored for output of DC current. An accurate reading of the DC voltage being supplied is given; with alerts should voltage drop below critical levels. The efficiency of batteries and solar panels can be measured using this sensor.

Power Relays

Relays are used to control and power equipment within the site. The relays can be activated on a time basis, manually, or automatically depending on a sensors status. Ideal for controlling HVAC and other cooling systems should they exceed predefined limits.

 CONTROMOTE answers the challenges caused due to the remote and often isolated nature of many telecom tower sites, it is often difficult to accurately monitor the wireless network infrastructure. The solution provides a unique access control solution for remote sites that synchronizes access events with recorded video. Logged and administered from a central location, this is a scalable solution for hundreds or thousands of telecom tower sites covering a wide geographical area. On site cameras can support to manage access to the site from a distance. the solution can be used to provide work time-stamp control, enables to remotely grant access to sites/shelters from the NOC. Access to sites, shelters and on-site equipment can all be controlled using Door Control Units (DCU) or Cabinet Control Units (CCU). Access events are logged on a central server giving reference as to who accessed the site, their activities and exit times.

The door control unit (DCU) is a remote terminal unit that can control access and exit from the tower sites. It combines video surveillance/CCTV and environmental monitoring. A comprehensive range of sensors can be connected as well as expansion modules and cabinet control units.

Cabinet Control Unit (CCU) can be used to restrict access to rack mounted equipment, cabinets and locks boxes. It also provides access history as to who accessed specific wireless infrastructure equipment and at what time. 


Surveillance of the whole tower site with the help of cameras and motion detection sensors, triggering alarms if unauthorized access occurs

Cellular tower sites can be targets for theft. Fuel tanks to power generators, and other high value equipment can become targets, particularly in emerging markets and when towers are in remote areas. CONTROMOTE provide security monitoring to protect against internal and external threats. Perimeter beam sensors, motion detectors and door contact sensors can be employed together with access control. Restrict access to the site, shelters and equipment cabinets. All sensor and access events can be synchronized with live and recorded video feeds.

in addition, the solution allows for :

Monitoring, if aviation warning lights are fully functional which contributes to enhance the visibility of the cell tower for aircraft