Vutility HotDrop

  • Energy monitoring device provides minute-by-minute energy consumption data
  • Self-powered and easy to install without the need for external batteries or wires
  • Communicates over long distances via LoRaWAN IoT protocol for real-time data transmission
  • Secure data transmission with dual-cipher encryption

The Vutility HotDrop can provide minute-by-minute data to improve energy consumption data thanks to its easy-to-scale, simple-to-install sub-meter capabilities. The HotDrop incorporates several patented and proprietary technologies that allow it to charge itself inductively on the wire it measures without external batteries or wires.
The non-invasive design of the HotDrop allows it to be installed safely and instantly without de-energizing a facility, resulting in significant cost savings and scoping simplicity in a flash.
The HotDrop can communicate out of electrical distribution panels through multiple stories of commercial and industrial building materials while maintaining wireless, minute-by-minute transmissions to the cloud, thanks to LoRaWAN’s global IoT standards.

Use Case Applications:

  • Building Management: Get better insight into the energy consumption of your building or group of buildings easily. The HotDrops provide data to help you manage critical assets, mitigate unnecessary energy loss, and improve overall efficiencies.
  • Tenant Management: Understand how each tenant is consuming energy and improve billing efforts with accurate data. Use the HotDrops to scale submetering efforts and gain granular insight into your tenants.
  • Sustainability Efforts: It’s easier to improve your company’s sustainability efforts when you can easily see trends and forecast usage. Minute-by-minute data will help you find wins and losses in reducing your organization’s carbon footprint.