VLINK Electronic Mouse Trap

  • Receive alerts on your mobile device and only check traps when alerted
  • Monitor an unlimited number of traps from anywhere
  • High-voltage shock offers 100% mouse kill rate
  • Safety switch automatically shuts off the trap when lid is open
  • Removable kill chamber allows for no-touch disposal of mice
  • For Indoor Use Only

The Electronic Mouse Trap is an electronic mouse trap that provides a high-voltage shock to eliminate mice and notifies you of catches via your mobile device. This electronic mouse killer trap is designed for efficient rodent control.
The electronic mouse trap uses smart circuit technology to detect when a mouse enters the tunnel, activating the system to deliver a shock. The tunnel design and beveled columns secure the mouse in place over the electrified plates, preventing escapes.
This electronic mouse trap sends notifications when it’s time to empty the trap. Keep track of kills and monitor battery life remotely.
Baiting and cleaning the electronic mouse trap is straightforward. The removable kill chamber offers access to the included bait cup, allowing you to set up the trap. Once a catch is made, empty the trap by lifting the chamber lid and disposing of the dead mouse for a No-Touch, No-See experience.

Use Case Applications:

  • Food Processing Facilities: By controlling rodent populations, smart electric traps provide sanitary conditions. Remote monitoring provides for a prompt response to trapped rats, reducing the danger of contamination and equipment damage.
  • Warehouses and Storage Facilities: Adding smart electric traps stops rodents from damaging stored goods and compromising structural integrity. Remote pest control allows for timely pest control and excellent performance.
  • Office Buildings: Smart electric traps strategically placed near electrical equipment and utility rooms protect building structures and occupants. Remote monitoring enables pest-free surroundings to be maintained with minimal disruption.
  • Agricultural Facilities: In farms and grain storage facilities, smart electric traps protect crops and property. Remote monitoring simplifies rodent management, saving time and money.