Netvox Water Rope Leak Detector

  • Advanced leak detection with leak rope LoRaWAN sensor to accurately detects the presence of water, even in small amounts
  • Extended coverage with the rope sensor providing an ample monitoring area for commercial spaces
  • Immediate alerts sent when water is detected, allowing for prompt response and damage prevention
  • Built for commercial use, the R718WB offers durability and reliability, ensuring long-term and effective performance

The R718WB Wireless Water Leak Detector is essential for businesses seeking to safeguard their properties against water damage. This sensor uses a leak rope sensor to detect the presence of water, ensuring reliable monitoring of your commercial spaces and preventing the costly consequences of undetected leaks.

The R718WB LoRaWAN wireless water leak detector includes a leak rope sensor, allowing for extended coverage and precise detection of even the smallest water leaks. When the leak rope sensor comes into contact with water, the detector promptly sends real-time notifications, ensuring a rapid response and minimizing potential damage.

Use Case Applications:

  • Engine room
  • Warehouse
  • Archives
  • Semiconductor plant
  • Data center