Netvox Occupancy, Temperature and Light

  • Wireless Occupancy, Temperature, and Light Sensor for commercial spaces
  • Enhances facility efficiency and reduces energy consumption
  • Suitable for various settings: offices, retail, warehouses, and educational institutions
  • Real-time data and analytics for valuable performance insights

The RB11E is a wireless occupancy sensor that also monitors temperature and light is utilized in commercial settings for smart building management. This three-in-one sensor improves facility efficiency while lowering energy consumption. The RB11E LoRaWAN occupancy sensor monitors occupancy, temperature, and light levels for complete environmental monitoring in modern workplaces, retail areas, warehouses, and educational institutions.
The Netvox RB11E wireless motion detection sensor is made for quick and easy installation without the need for extensive wiring. Long-range communication capabilities ensure seamless integration into existing building management systems, while real-time data and analytics provide valuable insights into building performance.

Use Case Applications:

  • Office Buildings: Optimizes energy consumption by providing data to adjust lighting and HVAC based on occupancy, temperature, and light levels. Real-time data assists in optimizing space use and workstation layout.
  • Retail Stores: Through occupancy-based lighting and temperature adjustments, RB11E improves the shopping experience by generating an attractive atmosphere. It assists store managers in identifying high traffic hours in order to staff appropriately.
  • Educational Institutions: The sensor controls energy effectively by monitoring classroom occupancy and adjusting lighting and HVAC accordingly. Administrators can use data insights to make space allocation and scheduling decisions.