Netvox Light

  • Wireless ambient light monitoring with a photosensitive component built in
  • Flexible applications include building automation, condition monitoring, maintenance, security, and healthcare.
  • Long-range, energy-efficient connection based on LoRa protocol standards
  • Accurate detection of interior illuminance for optimal lighting conditions
  • Battery life of over five years with two CR2450 button batteries (depending on usage and transmission interval)

The Netvox LoRaWAN Light Sensor R311G is a wireless sensor for monitoring ambient light intensity in various environments. This light sensor has a built-in photosensitive component and is compatible with multiple applications, including building automation, condition monitoring, maintenance, security, and healthcare.
The R311G is an energy-efficient, long-range wireless light sensor that enables wireless dimming functions using LoRa protocol standards. This sensor detects indoor environmental illuminance accurately and reports the lighting conditions to ensure proper performance.
The R311G light sensor gathers and sends data on indoor environmental illuminance. This data can be employed to increase energy efficiency and maintain suitable lighting conditions.
The NETVOX R311G is powered by two CR2450 button batteries, providing a battery life of over five years, depending on usage and sending interval.

Use Case Applications:

  • Building automation
  • Condition monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Security
  • Healthcare