Netvox Emergency Button

  • Commercial emergency push button allow users to call for help quickly
  • Extended battery life
  • Reports range and battery status, assuring reliability.
  • Easy wire-free installation

The R312A LoRaWAN Wireless Emergency Push Button is a user-friendly safety solution for commercial environments. This device ensures that users promptly signal for assistance with a push of a button during critical situations in offices, healthcare facilities, industrial plants, and other public spaces. “Safe” signals are also sent periodically to report range and battery status.
The R312A Emergency Push Button is an easily installed wireless sensor, allowing seamless integration into any commercial setting. This device provides a consistent performance with its long-lasting battery life and robust construction.

Use Case Applications:

  • Offices: Emergency Push Button in high-traffic areas such as reception desks or meeting rooms
  • Healthcare Facilities: Emergency Push Button in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes
  • Industrial Plants: Emergency Push Button on machinery or equipment in factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants