Moko H2 iBeacon

  • Indoor positioning beacons
  • Powerful RF performance to deploy indoor positioning systems and asset tracking solutions
  • Rugged design IP65 waterproof can be used in the complex environments
  • High-capacity battery to ensure the long duration standby – up to 3 years
  • IP67 Waterproof

The Moko H2 iBeacon by Mokosmart is a compact, versatile Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) beacon designed for seamless indoor location tracking and proximity solutions. The 2.4GHZ indoor positioning beacons offer an extended battery life of up to 2 years and a durable IP67-rated water-resistant casing. In addition to broadcasting its own MAC address, the H2 beacon also broadcasts the strength of the Bluetooth RSSI signal. The Moko H2 iBeacon provides exceptional performance and reliability.

Use Case Applications:

  • Lone Worker Safety: In conjunction with panic buttons, identify the location of where the panic button is pressed with beacon technology
  • Indoor Asset Tracking: BLE asset tracking tags send a signal that neighboring receivers can pick up on. Receivers can then use the signal to determine the location of the asset tag.