Milesight Submersible Water Level

  • LoRaWAN Water Level Monitoring sensor
  • Stainless probe with corrosion resistance
  • Measurement range of 10 meters
  • Ultra-wide-distance transmission up to a line of sight of 10km
  • IP67 waterproof enclosure for harsh environment applications
  • Built-in 19000 mAh replaceable battery | Up to 10 years of battery life

The Milesight EM500-SWL Submersible Water Level Sensor is a commercial-grade sensor designed to accurately monitor the water level in various settings, enabling precise control and efficient operation. This EM500-SWL provides a measurement range of 10 meters and leverages the power of LoRaWAN for seamless long-range communication. This robust, fully submersible device ensures real-time, accurate data even under challenging environmental conditions. Its robust, IP67-rated waterproof design ensures reliable operation even in harsh conditions, providing a solution for a variety of industries in need of accurate water level data. With a high accuracy of ±0.5% F.S., low power consumption, and built-in data logging capabilities, the EM500-SWL offers a combination of performance and efficiency for effective liquid-level monitoring.

Use Case Applications:

  • Water tank level monitoring
  • Water resource level monitoring
  • ISO tank level monitoring
  • Waste water tank monitoring
  • Oil store tank level monitoring