Milesight Sound Level

  • LoRaWAN sound level sensor
  • Accurate Sound Level Measurement
  • 30 to 120 dBA Measurement Range
  • A & C weighting as needed
  • LED Alarm Indicator
  • 1.5~4 Years Battery Life

The Milesight WS302 is a LoRaWAN sound level sensor with integrated microphone. WS302 can not only measure a wide range of noise levels and send various kinds of noise level values via LoRaWAN®network, but also supports multiple weighting measurements for different application scenarios.
Minimalistic and modern design makes it ideal for classrooms, workplaces, hotels, and hospitals. The WS302 is an unnoticed guard for eliminating noise pollution and can be widely used in smart buildings, smart cities, schools, heath monitoring, and more.

Use Case Applications:

  • Industrial Monitoring: Protects workers’ hearing and ensures compliance with noise pollution regulations in industrial settings.
  • Urban Planning: Informs zoning and traffic management decisions by identifying sources of urban noise pollution.
  • Event Management: Prevents breaches of sound limits at large events for regulatory compliance and attendee safety.
  • Healthcare Applications: Manages noise in healthcare facilities to ensure patient comfort and support recovery.