Milesight Pipe Pressure

  • Shock-resistant and Vibration-resistant
  • Measuring Accuracy is less than ±0.5% FS
  • Temperature Compensation for High Accuracy
  • IP67 waterproof
  • High-capacity battery for ten years
  • LoRaWAN technology enables long-distance

The Milesight EM500-PP Pipe Pressure Sensor monitors and manages pipe pressure easily and precisely. The EM500-PP sensor measures pressure from liquids and gases to identify pipe tank levels or leakage. Helping reduce pipeline damage to avoid regional water supply and heating shortages. It delivers accurate, real-time data for various applications, including water supply systems, irrigation, and industrial fluid systems.

The EM500-PP Pipe Pressure Sensor streamlines pipe pressure monitoring, giving you complete system management. Its user-friendly design and advanced capabilities let you evaluate real-time data to make informed decisions and avoid issues. The Milesight EM500-PP ensures your pipe system runs efficiently and safely, saving you time and money.

Use Case Applications:

  • Water and wastewater treatment: Pipe pressure sensors can monitor pump performance. They detect pressure changes, prevent over- and under-pressurization, and assure pump efficiency, saving energy and maintenance expenses.
  • Oil and gas industry: Oil and gas extraction, refining, and transportation require pressure monitoring. It detects leaks, optimizes flow, and prevents explosions and spills.
  • HVAC systems: Industrial HVAC systems need regular pressure monitoring to maintain temperature, humidity, energy efficiency, and equipment longevity.
  • Power plants: Pressure monitoring keeps boilers, steam turbines, and other high-pressure systems safe and efficient.