Milesight IoT Controller

  • Connectivity: LoRaWAN® technology
  • Rich interfaces: DI/DO/AI/RS232/RS485/PT100
  • RTD input
  • Customized trigger rules
  • Desk, wall & DIN mounting

The Milesight IoT Controller UC300 is a commercial-grade LoRaWAN device designed to manage and control various IoT devices in a network. It contains multiple I/O interfaces including analog input, digital input, relay output, serial port, and PT100 RTD input. It provides a centralized platform for monitoring and configuring IoT devices, allowing businesses to streamline their operations and improve efficiency. The UC300 supports multiple protocols and interfaces, making it compatible with a wide range of IoT devices.The Milesight IoT Controller UC300 is an ideal solution for businesses looking to implement IoT technology in their operations.

Use Case Applications:

  • Automation