Laird Temperature & Humidity

  • Versatile temperature and humidity sensor for precise, real-time monitoring
  • Accurate and reliable readings across various applications
  • Ideal for agriculture, healthcare, food storage, and more
  • Durable design capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions.
  • Ensures consistent performance and longevity
  • Built-in LoRaWAN® connectivity for long-range wireless communication

The Laird Sentrius™ RS1xx is a versatile temperature and humidity sensor designed to provide precise, real-time monitoring for a wide range of applications. This sensor ensures accurate and reliable readings. The Sentrius™ RS1xx is ideal for various industries, including agriculture, healthcare, food storage, and more. The sensor is durable and can withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring consistent performance and longevity.

The Sentrius™ RS1xx temperature monitoring includes built-in LoRaWAN connectivity, enabling long-range wireless communication while consuming minimal power.

Use Case Applications:

  • Cold Chain Management and Food Safety
  • Agricultural Humidity and Environmental Monitoring
  • Industrial Heating and Cooling