Ewattch Electric Sub-Meter

  • LoRaWAN electrical submetering with 12 measurements using clip-on clamps
  • Wireless LoRaWAN communication for reliable, long-range, and secure connectivity
  • Real-time data transmission for optimal monitoring of your energy consumption
  • 4 clamp sizes are available, from 10mm (75A) to 36mm (600A)

The Ewattch SQUID Pro is a revolutionary 12-channel energy meter for electrical submetering of your single-phase and three-phase installations.
Capable of measuring and transmitting via a LoRaWAN wireless connection: active power, reactive power, phase shift, and other information. This PRO version surpasses the performance of traditional meters for optimized management of your installations.
Using its 12 clip-on current measurement clamps, 3 voltage inputs, and secure, long-range connectivity, the SQUID Pro transmits real-time energy data, giving you total control over your consumption and a comprehensive view of your electrical network.
Experience unparalleled performance and intelligent energy management for energy savings and improved operational efficiency.

Use Case Applications:

  • Building Management: The SQUID Pro is the ideal solution for monitoring and optimizing energy consumption in tertiary buildings such as offices, shopping centers, and hospitals. Thanks to its advanced technology, it detects energy-intensive equipment, analyzes consumption peaks, and identifies energy-saving opportunities, allowing you to reduce your costs and improve your energy performance.
  • Industry: Industrial companies can take advantage of the SQUID Pro to effectively monitor and control the energy consumption of their machines and equipment. This translates into optimized preventive maintenance, improved production processes, and significant reductions in energy costs.
  • Regulatory Requirements: By choosing the SQUID Pro, you facilitate the implementation of your energy management project and ensure compliance with various regulatory requirements worldwide. Opt for a high-performance and accurate solution for efficient and sustainable energy management tailored to meet the diverse regulatory obligations in different regions.