• LoRaWAN multi-sensing device for monitoring indoor noise levels and more
  • Additional internal sensors: temperature, humidity, light, and motion
  • Measures peak and average sound levels for informed adjustments
  • Suitable for various settings: offices, libraries, hospitals, schools
  • Discrete, minimalistic design for easy wall or surface mounting
  • Battery lasts up to 2 years

The Elsys Sound Sensor is an advanced LoRaWAN device that monitors noise levels in indoor environments. By measuring and analyzing noise levels, the Elsys Sound Sensor assists in making informed decisions about adjustments required to create a proper atmosphere. The ERS Sound will monitor both peak and average sound levels and are a perfect device for places where the sound level is important. In addition to sound monitoring, it includes internal sensors for measuring indoor temperature, humidity, light, and motion.

The Elsys Sound Sensor is an indoor environment noise sensor for diverse settings such as offices, libraries, hospitals, and schools. This device is discrete and minimalistic, making it ideal for mounting on a wall or any surface.

Use Case Applications:

  • Sound level control in public spaces, schools, and libraries