Elsys Occupancy and Environmental

  • Accurate occupancy detection with cutting-edge PIR technology
  • Panasonic Grid-Eye sensor with a wide detection range of 12 meters and 110-degree angle for broad coverage
  • Detect occupancy even when people are sitting still
  • Durable and Low Maintenance: High-quality materials for long-lasting performance
  • Compact Design for seamless integration into any environment

The Elsys ERS Eye is an indoor LoRaWAN® room sensor for monitoring occupancy and indoor environmental conditions. Ideal for ceiling installation in areas where occupancy tracking is required, such as meeting rooms, offices, or public areas. Optimize space utilization while maintaining control over the ambient conditions in those areas with the ERS Eye.

The ERS Eye is easily installed on the ceiling to detect when a room is in use, whether people are standing or sitting. The sensor measures temperature, humidity, and light levels and is ideal for dynamic workplace management, facility management, and workplace statistics. The ERS Eye is powered by two 3.6V AA lithium batteries, ensuring long-lasting performance and dependability.

The Elsys ERS Eye’s key product features include a Panasonic Grid-EYE infrared sensor, a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor, a light sensor, and a motion detection sensor (PIR). The various sensor data work together to thoroughly and accurately assess occupancy and environmental conditions in any indoor space.

Use Case Applications:

  • Smart Offices: The ERS Eye sensor can be used to control lighting and HVAC systems in office spaces based on occupancy. This contributes to a more comfortable working environment while also lowering energy costs.
  • Conference Rooms: By monitoring occupancy in conference rooms, the ERS Eye sensor can provide valuable data on room usage, assisting organizations in optimizing meeting space scheduling and utilization.
  • Retail Spaces: The ERS Eye sensor can assist retailers in tracking customer movement patterns and optimizing store layouts, lighting, and temperature settings in order to provide a more engaging and comfortable shopping experience.
  • Public Restrooms: By monitoring restroom occupancy, the ERS Eye sensor can assist facility managers in optimizing cleaning schedules, ensuring restrooms are well-maintained and sanitary.
  • Warehouse and Industrial Facilities: The ERS Eye sensor can be installed in warehouse and industrial spaces to optimize lighting and HVAC control based on occupancy, thereby improving worker safety and comfort while lowering energy costs.