Netvox 1-phase current meter

  • Accurate 1-phase current meter for commercial and industrial applications
  • Clamp-on current transformer enables simple device connection
  • Uses LoRaWAN wireless communication for real-time energy data transmission
  • Measures multiple electrical parameters with 1% accuracy
  • Battery-powered for easy installation and maintenance

The Netvox R718N115 is an accurate 1-phase current meter that can be used in commercial and industrial settings to monitor, measure, and control the amount of electricity used. This device uses LoRaWAN wireless communication technology to send real-time energy data. With an accuracy of about 1%, it measures voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, power factor, and frequency.

The R718N115 is battery-powered, and the current transformer is used to get the value of the load AC current. The clamp-on current transformer is used, which makes it easy to connect the device to the measuring device.

Use Case Applications:

  • Commercial Building Energy Monitoring: The Netvox R718N115 can be used by property managers to keep track of how much energy is used in different parts of a commercial building, such as offices, retail spaces, and common areas. This makes it easier to manage energy costs and save money.
  • Manufacturing Facilities: Industrial plants and factories can use the R718N115 to track how much energy each production line, machine, or tool uses. Helps identify inefficiencies and find ways to use energy more efficiently, increasing productivity and saving money.
  • Data Centers: The Netvox R718N115 can be used in data centers to track how much power servers, cooling systems, and other IT equipment use. This enables data center operators to determine how to use the least amount of energy, keep equipment running well, and keep costs down.