Adeunis Air Pressure Delta

  • LoRaWAN air pressure sensor
  • Monitor the operation of a ventilation box, air handling unit, or building air system
  • Pressure difference: relative to the atmospheric pressure or between two different zones
  • 2 digital inputs/outputs: for connecting to a PLC for tracing alerts or operating states

The Adeunis Delta P Air Pressure Sensor is designed to measure differential air pressure accurately. It specializes in monitoring the operation of ventilation boxes, air handling units, or air networks of buildings by gauging the pressure difference relative to atmospheric pressure or between two distinct zones.
Equipped with two digital inputs/outputs, the sensor can connect to a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to track alerts or operating states, offering real-time insights and facilitating prompt action when necessary. Its analog input (0-10V) is an additional feature allowing easy integration with another sensor. In various applications like HVAC systems, clean rooms, laboratories, and medical facilities, this device maintains system performance, adhering to specific air pressure standards, and ensures overall air quality.

Use Case Applications:

  • HVAC Systems: Monitor and regulate air pressure in HVAC systems, helping to maintain optimal performance and energy efficiency.
  • Clean Rooms and Laboratories: Ensure compliance with air pressure standards in industries like pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, where controlled environments are crucial.
  • Hospital Settings: Maintain appropriate air pressure in various medical facilities like operating rooms and isolation rooms to ensure patient safety and prevent disease spread.
  • Data Centers: Monitor and regulate air pressure in Precision Cooling