Abeeway Compact Tracker

  • LoRaWAN asset tracker
  • Motion Tracking: Real-time position at a given cycle when motion is detected
  • Permanent tracking: Regular interval real-time position
  • Fix on demand: Obtain tracker position when needed (very low power operating mode)
  • Activity tracking: Monitor activity rate with embedded sensors
  • Geozone detection: the capability to detect specific zones that matter for your processes

The Abeeway Compact Tracker is a LoRaWAN highly versatile multi-mode tracker with embedded sensors combining GPS, Low-power GPS, Wi-Fi Sniffer, BLE, and LoRa TDoA geolocation technologies, supporting accurate outdoor and indoor geolocation.
Best of all, it has a compact and robust form factor, designed to resist harsh surroundings enabling you to perform seamless asset tracking and management in any industrial environment – whether for heavy-duty assets or small equipment, taking advantage of its long battery autonomy.

Use Case Applications:

  • Real-time tracking, status monitoring of heavy and light assets, vehicles, machines, and equipment, outdoors or in indoor industrial facilities.
  • Activity monitoring based on motion for usage optimization, industrial control, and asset management
  • Livestock tracking in large farms
  • Optimization of supply chain and production, delivery, and inventory tracking
  • Antitheft applications, notification, and location trigger when the device is moving, at fixed frequency updates, or on demand