Power Monitoring
Power Monitoring

Power Monitoring

CONTROMOTE provides a range of power monitoring devices, current transformers, power meters, AC and DC voltage sensors and power relays.

Wireless communications tower sites contain multiple power systems, from grid power and battery banks to diesel generators. It is crucial for the tower site to maintain a reliable power source for maximum tower up-time. Often towers that are provided to third party networks by way of service level agreements contain clauses for a certain percentage of tower up-time. It can be very costly for a tower to go down, therefore monitoring of the power and ensuring it is stable is vital. CONTROMOTE connects directly to the battery, the generator and the rectifier and provides detailed information on all of their parameters as well as real-time clock, battery set-up and voltage set-up . In case of trespassing predefined thresholds, alarms are triggered to the NOC and staff in charge. Data and energy logging allows for detailed breakdown of energy consumption for comprehensive business analytics

Power Meters

Power meters can be used to monitor the total power consumed by the site or equipment. Ideal for monitoring line voltage coming from the power grid to ensure it is sufficient. Alerts can be generated if power drops below predetermined thresholds. In multi-tenant site operations, meaning that different Telco operators using one tower site and are paying only the energy they have consumed, the power meter connected to CONTROMOTE results in detailed invoicing per tower site tenant including energy consumption logging for performance analysis

DC Voltage

Battery banks or solar panels can be monitored for output of DC current. An accurate reading of the DC voltage being supplied is given, with alerts should voltage drop below critical levels. The efficiency of batteries and solar panels can be measured using this sensor.

Power Relays

Relays are used to control and power equipment within the site. The relays can be activated on a time basis, manually, or automatically depending on a sensors status. Ideal for controlling HVAC and other cooling systems should they exceed predefined limits.

AC Voltage

AC voltage sensors can be implemented to test for the presence of AC current in a circuit. Ideal for providing feedback as to whether a system is actually receiving power or not.