Fuel Monitoring

CONTROMOTE uses an ultrasonic fuel level sensor on fuel tanks and Flow-meter to accurately determine current fuel level and graph usage over time. 

Monitoring fuel level in storage tanks for backup power generators is critical, not only to ensure smooth operation and constant power for the tower site, but increasingly fuel level monitoring is being used to protect the fuel asset. Fuel level sensors help to determine when next refill is due as well as to detect theft by tapping or short delivery and therefore helps to prevent generator damage. Viscosity sensors measure the composition of the tank capacity showing if fuel has been replaced by some other liquid e.g. water also resulting in generator damage. Constant tapping of minor amounts of fuel can be revealed using flowmeters in the fuel pipe to the generator as well as door contacts on the fuel cap showing if it has been opened besides scheduled refilling visits.

CONTROMOTE will generate alerts notifying you of unusual fuel usage such as a sudden drop in fuel level.

Fuel Leakage

Using a combination of CONTROMOTE equipment you can accurately detect fuel leakage. Notifications can automatically be sent to a member of maintenance staff as well as to the main control center for further evaluation.

Fuel Theft

Be alerted to any unusual fuel usage such as rapid drop in fuel levels, this data can then be cross checked with access control data along with surveillance video giving you a clear recap of the event in addition to excellent evidence for prosecution.

Fuel Consumption

Using an ultrasonic fuel level sensor and flow-meter you can determine the tanks current level and graph fuel usage over time. This could be compared to generator power on times determined from power monitoring sensors to check fuel usage against generator time.