Access Control

CONTROMOTE provides a unique access control solution for remote sites that synchronizes access events with recorded video. 

Logged and administered from a central location, this is a scaleable solution for hundreds or thousands of telecom tower sites covering a wide geographical area. On site cameras can support to manage access to the site from a distance. the solution can be used to provide work time-stamp control, enables to remotely grant access to sites/shelters from the NOC. Access to sites, shelters and on site equipment can all be controlled using Door Control Units (DCU) or Cabinet Control Units (CCU). Access events are logged on a central server giving reference as to who accessed the site, their activities and exit times.

Door Control Unit

The door control unit (DCU) is a remote terminal unit that can control access and exit from the tower sites. It combines video surveillance/CCTV and environmental monitoring. A comprehensive range of sensors can be connected as well as expansion modules and cabinet control units.

Cabinet Control Unit

Cabinet Control Unit (CCU) can be used to restrict access to rack mounted equipment, cabinets and locks boxes. It also provides access history as to who accessed specific wireless infrastructure equipment and at what time. 

CONTROMOTE answers the challenges caused due to the remote and often isolated nature of many telecom tower sites, it is often difficult to accurately monitor the wireless network infrastructure.