Integrated Approach

CONTROMOTE solutions take an integrated approach to remote site and wireless communications infrastructure management

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Modular System

The modular system can be built up to the sites specific requirements, with a combination of sensors and base units. 

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Central Management

CONCIEL DIRIGO Solution provides a centralized management bird eye view with dashboards, triggers and alarms

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Managing Logistics

CONTROMOTE improves your logistics efficiency by reducing the number of visits to remote sites and saving cost

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Environmental Monitoring

Temperature and humidity sensors as well as water intrusion detectors, smoke detectors and hazardous gas sensors

Access Control

CONTROMOTE provides a unique access control solution for remote sites that synchronizes access events with recorded video. 


Picture logs stored when events occur and video streamed to the central NOC for live view and recording purposes.

Fuel Monitoring
Fuel Monitoring

Fuel Monitoring

CONTROMOTE uses an ultrasonic fuel level sensor on fuel tanks and Flow-meter to accurately determine current fuel level and graph usage over time.