CONTROMOTE is a unique solution. It brings in a new generation of remote management, monitoring and control systems for critical assets inside the telecom towers distributed over a wide geography. CONTROMOTE allows for real-time monitoring of on-site technical equipment, together with its energy consumption. Additionally, environmental parameters can be monitored, as well as any theft, damage or unauthorized access to the site. Notifications and alerts keep maintenance personnel constantly informed about the condition of their telecommunication infrastructure.

Telecom towers are key ingredients in the success of telecom operators’ quality of service, and an important determinant of the tower company’s success.  Efficient management of these towers has a direct impact on the operators’ service and also significantly contributes to factors attracting new tenants. Since these towers are numbered in thousands and are widely spread, many in remote areas, efficient management of these towers is a challenge. Leveraging remote monitoring technology to manage these towers has been found to be a significant challenge to the worldwide operators.

CONTROMOTE delivers business value through: 

  • Increased tower up-time by taking action in real time on critical alarms, and preventive maintenance to save equipment failure - resulting in fewer penalties from telecommunication operators. 
  • Reduced operations expenditure by introducing advanced algorithms that switch between power sources like the electricity grid power supply, battery bank and diesel generator. Optimum control of passive assets like air conditioners and diesel generators. Reduction of security manpower costs and reduction in pilferage of diesel and batteries