Professional Reporting with CONCIEL Central Management Software

brings together all elements of the CONTROMOTE solution, giving central administration of access control, sensor monitoring, recording and playback of video surveillance.

All access events and sensor alerts are synchronized together with recorded video to give easy playback and recall of video from specific sites at the time of a given event.


Access Control


Maintain a central database of all employees, together with their access rights and privileges. Select which engineers have access to which cell tower sites and at what time and days. Cabinet controllers allow site and cabinet level access to be restricted. Access events are logged and reports generated on per tower site or employee basis. Monitor individual towers, shelters and engineers as to the access activity. All of these access events are synchronized together with sensor and video playback in the CONCIEL Server timeline.


Sensor Monitoring

All sensors connected to the CONTROMOTE monitoring system at each cell tower site can be monitored in CONCIEL DIRIGO Server. Alerts such as SMS, e-mail and alarms can be triggered when a sensor reaches a critical status. Regional offices and engineers in charge of specific sites can login to CONCIEL DIRIGO Web client software that displays the relevant information for them. This allows for multiple sites spread over a large geographical area to be monitored by one or two systems engineers. Abnormal sensor readings can indicate potential failures and problems, meaning engineers can respond and be on site to take corrective action.


Video Surveillance

A fully featured video surveillance and camera management function. Compatible with a range of third party IP cameras. Video feeds from each cell tower site are streamed via the internet to CONCIEL Server, or in low bandwidth areas picture logs sent to the server at specific events. Recording the video off site gives many advantages.